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Introduction to Plyometrics

Today we’re gonna talk about some introductory plyometrics plyometrics are extremely important to add into your regimen to increase load and resiliency for the tendons, muscle tissue, and the bone. Plyometrics help in the transition from rehab to performance. We need to be able to store and release energy efficiently to get that performance gain that we’re looking for out of running and other sport. So, first thing we start with is just a double leg hop, or po-go jump. Start out by going up and down, transition this into of forward and back and then side to side. Easy progression here is just to transition it into a single leg exercise! Remember running is a single leg sport so, everything needs to transition to that.

  1. Double Leg Po- Go Jumps x 30 seconds in each direction

  2. Single Leg Po-Go Jumps x 30 seconds in each direction

  3. Modifications can be made to duration and cadence of jumping. Progressing beats per minute (bpm) from 150 to 120 or beyond.

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