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Aging Runners

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Are You of Age 35 or Older and Desire to Become Quicker, Not Stiffer When You Run?

I know from how annoying it can be when you have an injury interfere with your training, daily activities, or a major event because I too was an injured runner in the past.

These injuries can become more crippling as we get older, keeping us away from our favorite sport longer than we’d like.

You Have Two Choices if You Get Injured While Running:

#1 – Try handling it on your own by taking small steps, but you have to be aware that there’s a good chance it’ll bite you later on.


#2 – Decide to seek assistance to deal with it (and prevent it from happening again!)
I guarantee that you will be rewarded if you decide to seek help to get over your running pain or injury.

What Do You Prefer?

Age doesn’t have to make running more uncomfortable or difficult.
Actually, it WILL get BETTER!
To help you on learning how to “Get Quicker, And Not Stiffer” while you continue sprinting into adulthood, I’ve put up this resource for you.

Here Is the Guide’s Preview... The Complete Version Is Available by Clicking Here!

If you now have a running injury, you won’t just be able to run free of pain once more; instead, you’ll develop into a strong, tough, knowledgeable runner who will ultimately enrich your life because of what running means to you.

I’m here to assist you in resuming your running activities.

You May Have Heard:
The Reality Is...

You don’t have to forgo your favorite runs in favor of issues that can be resolved.

Dr. Spencer Agnew, PT, DPT, CSCS
Founder of Peak Endurance Physical Therapy

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Peak Endurance Physical Therapy In Madison, WI

120+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Matt Marcus

This was my first time in PT and Spencer was far beyond what I expected. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and shares the science/research behind his methods for strength building and recovery. He sets realistic goals but encourages you to push yourself to whatever level of exertion feels manageable. I especially appreciated this approach – pushing yourself to your limit in the recovery process, and not moving unnecessarily slow. He also provides guidance via messaging in between sessions. He in no way will pressure you into taking on more sessions than needed. He was incredibly efficient and wants to see you back in proper shape. I particularly recommend Spencer for runners. He’s very knowledgeable and has helped me get back to running in the time frame he predicted when we first met.

- Ami Hays

I had an amazing experience with Taylor at Peak Endurance! She specializes in helping pregnant/postpartum women with pelvic floor rehab and return to exercise. I started physical therapy during pregnancy for knee pain with running. She helped me build up muscles to run pain-free during my pregnancy, and also included pregnancy-specific exercises to prepare for childbirth. I saw her again postpartum, and she did a thorough assessment of my physical health, and helped me safely return to exercise and running. I would recommend physical therapy to everyone postpartum – childbirth takes a toll on your body! Specifically, see Taylor 🙂 She’s very knowledgeable, empathetic, and super fun.