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Back Pain

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Spencer Agnew, PT, DPT
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Message from Peak Endurance Physical Therapy Owner and Founder, Dr. Spencer Agnew

Back pain is sometimes dismissed as nothing more than a minor ailment that will go away on its own. It’s also typical to attribute it to “sleeping awkwardly,” call it a “spasm,” or say that “everyone” has it occasionally.

It happened for no apparent cause, but nothing seems to be altering.

We frequently hear stories like yours, so you’re not alone if it’s happening to you. In fact, the most frequent issue we treat in our clinic is lower back pain and sciatica.

And everyone we encounter is curious about how to deal with back pain…

How Come This Is Happening To Me? Or, "Why, After Suffering From Back Pain For 3–6 Months (Sometimes More!), I Still Suffer From It!"

Most individuals believe that back pain will simply go away by itself when they experience it.

They believe that one day they’ll awaken and, “magically,” their back pain will go away. However, six months later, your back pain is still present and frequently worse than it was in the beginning.

Does It Describe You?

A different situation that frequently occurs in our clinic is when patients visit the doctor, who instructs them to rest and “try some painkillers” and “see how it goes.”

However, this is never the greatest suggestion, and frequently after 4 weeks they return to the doctor since nothing has changed. Even worse, they frequently receive yet another prescription for even stronger medications and are counseled to get MORE rest. This is absurd and explains why there are so many Americans who experience persistent lower back discomfort.

Has Something Similar Happened To You?

Why else would back discomfort persist for so long? So many people have told you many different things that it’s easy to get confused. There is no shortage of willing advice-givers, but unfortunately, much of it can’t be trusted.

While you may attribute your back pain to a specific action, such as lifting or sleeping in an awkward position, the truth is that it is the result of years of poor posture and movement that have weakened the muscles in your lower back.

Back pain can be difficult to understand and treat if you don’t know what you’re doing, leading many individuals to write it off as inevitable and unavoidable.

Do You Also Feel This Way?

7 Reasons Why Your Back Pain May Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

1. You expected it to disappear without any effort, but it hasn’t.

2.The doctor urged you to relax and take painkillers, but neither of those things helped your back, and the pain returned as soon as the drugs wore off.

3.You’ve learned to live with the ache in your back since someone close to you, probably a relative or close friend, informed you that it’s normal for people of your age

4.You’ve been to a doctor or a PT before, but it didn’t help.

5.The back-strengthening exercises you found on YouTube either didn’t work at all or made your discomfort 10 times worse.

6.When your back hurt so badly, you probably assumed resting would help. However, your body’s reaction to the inactivity was to become even more tense and stiff.

7.You went for a couple “massages” in the hopes that they would alleviate the agony, but all they did was make you feel good in the moment, but they didn’t actually do anything to alleviate the pain permanently.

If any of the above have happened to you, we encourage you to schedule a call with our low back specialist to learn more about the options available to you. Having some idea of what doesn’t work might help you zero in on what works, so the fact that you’ve tried a few of these previously is a good sign.

If you want to get some proper advice over the phone, use the link below to schedule a call with us. Calling us is free of charge, and you’re under no compulsion to schedule an appointment afterward. Our intention is to assist you in taking the necessary steps forward.

“What Can I Do to Quickly Alleviate My Back Pain?”...

Here are four options:

1. Decide whether or not you want to seek assistance:So many people put off seeking help for back pain for far too long, hoping that it would “go away with time,” only to find that six months later, the pain hasn’t subsided (and may even have worsened).

2. Next, do the RIGHT exercises:One of the best ways to help you ease your back pain is to do the appropriate series of progressed exercises. The Physiotherapist will help reduce your pain and enable you to regain movement. In addition, the right exercises provided by a physiotherapist will prevent re-injury and further aggravation.

3.Try to limit your sitting and resting time:Have you ever tried to get off the couch after sleeping in and found that your back was stiff and hurting? Because sitting or resting for too long is one of the most damaging things you can do for back pain. You get back pain by sitting or lying in uncomfortable positions for too long. In addition to manual therapy, you may find it helpful to perform specific strengthening exercises for improved posture in order to resume your normal activities as soon as feasible.

4.Low back pain sufferers benefit from physical therapy, and it’s important to have hands-on Physical Therapy:In fact, it is one of the most frequent ailments treated at Peak Endurance Physical Therapy. Physical therapy can help you get back to having the life you deserve as soon as possible if back pain is interfering with your work, your ability to keep active, your independence, or your ability to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Start with a free, no-obligation, risk-free session at one of our locations to find out how our physical therapists at Peak Endurance Physical Therapy can help you live with reduced back pain:

Note: We provide a free Total Body Diagnostic session to anyone who is concerned or hesitant about Physical Therapy and wants to find out more about its benefits and whether it is suited for them. If this describes you, we encourage you to schedule a no-cost initial consultation to help us figure out what’s wrong and what we can do about it.

Now the Question Is:

How Might Visiting a Physical Therapist at Peak Endurance Physical Therapy Help You Get Rid of Your Back Pain Quickly?

Some of the services we provide in physical therapy are as follows:

We can help you break the cycle of constant back pain and get back to normal life.

Click on the button below and fill out the brief form to find out how much it costs and what openings we have at our Madison, Wisconsin physical therapy clinic.

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120+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Kathryn B

After I injured a finger tendon while climbing, Jennifer helped me get back to pain-free climbing and weight lifting over the course of a few sessions. Jennifer was great to work with – she adapted our sessions to my goals and gave me some great advice for finger strength programs. And she even helped me improve my squats at the same time!

- Lance H

Dr. Agnew was able to address my root issues of planter fasciitis. I saw three PT’s before researching Peak Endurance. Dr. Agnew developed a unique treatment plan for me and made weekly modifications based on my progress and treatment goals. Because of his individualized approach I was able to get back to training and actually PR a half Ironman. I would recommend anyone at the Peak Endurance Team.

- Anna A

Dr. Taylor DeMars at Peak Endurance is well deserving of these five stars. She approached my issues with care and concern. She listened to my issues while gracefully and intelligently facilitating my recovery. Her concentrations in running, yoga, and pelvic floor issues were perfect for me. I will continue to recommend her to my friends and family and will not hesitate to see her again should any similar issues arise.