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Spencer Agnew, PT, DPT

Founder of Peak Endurance | Physical Therapist | and Performance Coach
Dr. Spencer began running in middle school as an outlet for him to make social connections and better himself for basketball. He immediately found success and enjoyment in the sport. Like most middle school kids he was at a cross roads when entering high school and was unsure whether he would continue with this new found sport of running, or follow his friend group into football until one meeting he had with two of the most impactful people in his life over the next four years. Following a home middle school track meet the head cross country coach Chick Westby and Fort Atkinson stand out runner Ryan Gasper (who went on to win multiple Big Ten championships for the Badgers!) came to encourage him to run cross country the following year. What seems like a small task turned out to change Spencer’s life. Running has changed his life forever and he was pushed to this decision from one short conversation. To this day he will tell you the importance of the small conversations. You can change a person’s life through kind words, inclusion, and the importance of community.
Spencer went on to compete at the collegiate level in track and cross country at Marquette University. Following graduation from Marquette he took his love for movement and the human body to the University of Wisconsin – Madison where he graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2018.
Spencer now enjoys spending time with his wife (Megan), son (Elliot), dog (Stella), family and friends. He continues to train and runs for Wisconsin Runner Racing Team. When he isn’t spending time at home, running, or working, he enjoys spending time outdoors camping, fishing, hiking, watching sports (GO BUCKS), a good cup of coffee, and drinking the periodic lager from a local brewery. His goal as a physical therapist and business owner is to help you achieve yours. He wants to help change the face of wellness and push people towards a fitness forward mindset.
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Taylor DeMars, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Taylor was destined for a life committed to movement as the daughter of a basketball coach father and marathon-running mom. Her childhood was spent in the gym or participating in other athletic pursuits. That love of sport followed her to college where she played basketball at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse. In grad school, while pursuing her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Minnesota, Taylor fell in love with running and yoga. Since then, she has obtained her Certified Yoga Teacher certificate and completed dozens of marathons and half marathons.

Since graduating, Taylor has worked in a sports medicine environment, treating athletes of all ages and athletic aspirations. She has a passion for treating what she considers an underserved population: pre and post-partum female athletes. Pelvic floor and other childbirth-related issues afflict so many women, and it’s important that they receive proper medical care.

Taylor now enjoys running with her husband (Matt), dog (Hooper—like we said, she comes from a basketball family), and pushing their two kiddos (Eli and Dylan). She continues to enjoy teaching and practicing yoga, traveling, and spending time outdoors.

Taylor’s goal as your physical therapist is to meet you where you are at while working with you to achieve your desired lifestyle and fitness goals. She wants to set you up for a lifetime of movement; your goals might change over time, but movement is imperative to living a well and healthful life.

Continuing Education:

General athlete

Runner specific

Women's health specific

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Jennifer Hornbaker, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist
Jennifer earned a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and worked in skilled nursing and outpatient therapy settings before joining Peak Endurance. Prior to becoming a physical therapist, Jennifer taught English as a foreign language to college-bound and university students in Kansas, Tokyo, and Madison and, before that, worked as a freelance writer for lifestyle, business, and wellness magazines. In her freelancing days, she “researched” fitness trends by dabbling in classes from aerial silks and trampoline aerobics to CrossFit. Jennifer holds a master’s in education from the University of Kansas and a bachelor’s in journalism from Iowa State University, where she was a member of the Cyclone gymnastics team. Eighteen years of gymnastics taught Jennifer the skills to serve her clients today: how to fine-tune movement for better outcomes and how to rehab effectively. A decade (plus) of post-gymnastics athletic endeavors has taught her another valuable skill for clients: how to be safe and enjoy the learning curve as a novice. Her favorite part of being a physical therapist is becoming unneeded; helping clients grow their movement knowledge so they can self-direct their activity for lifelong wellness. Outside of PT, Jennifer enjoys soaking up the outdoors with her better half (Justin), spoiling her rambunctious dog (Millie), getting involved in the Madison community, working crosswords over coffee, and honing her subpar rec volleyball moves.
Continuing Education:
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Erienne Lauersdorf, DPT

Physical Therapist

Erienne grew up in a small farm town in Wisconsin, the youngest of 5 in a very athletic family. She was born to compete from the get-go. She grew up playing multiple different sports (volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer) but ended up playing DII volleyball at Concordia – St. Paul in Minnesota. Erienne knew that she wanted to go into healthcare out of undergrad. What stuck out about physical therapy to her was the amount of time you get to spend with your clients and the real important functional changes that can be made in an individual’s life. She received her doctorate of physical therapy from Concordia University – Wisconsin. Then she returned to the twin cities and worked at an outpatient orthopedic setting for 3 years. Erienne then spent the next 2 years as a general manager, coach, personal trainer, and physical therapist at a CrossFit gym. This is where she found her true calling and hasn’t looked back. Any client motivated to make a real change in their function and fitness is a client That she wants walking through the door!

When not in the clinic, she enjoys working out, beating her husband in cribbage, adoring their beautiful new daughter, Presley, and corralling their dog, Bart, and cat, Leroy (yes, after Bart Starr and Leroy Butler. Go Pack, Go).


Continuing Education:
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Morgan Marek

Operations and Patient Care Coordinator

Morgan has been a runner ever since she realized she could beat the boys in the middle school mile. After running cross country in track throughout high school, Morgan continued her running career at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire while earning her bachelor’s degree in Behavior Analysis. Morgan graduated in 2020 and moved to Madison where she decided to continue her competitive running by joining the Wisconsin Runner Racing Team. She loves running on the Ice Age Trail and running with college friends when she can.

In addition to working as the Patient Care Coordinator, Morgan also slings shoes at Movin’ Shoes a few hours a week. She enjoys helping people find the right shoe for them and is passionate about helping the Madison running community. When not running or working, Morgan can be found biking the many Madison trails, hanging out in her hammock with a good book, or playing with her two cats (Po & Reyna) & 3 guinea pigs (Nora, Poppy & Muffin). Morgan also loves to travel with her partner and running coach (Thomas) and loves to be outdoors whenever she can be.

Morgan is really excited about working with Spencer, Taylor, Jennifer and Erienne as well as helping new clients feel welcomed and excited about physical therapy.

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