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Strength Training for Runner’s – Routine #4

What you’ll need:

  • Lightweight plate

  • A barbell (or dumbbell/kettlebell)

  • A box, bench or step

  • light resistance band

Warm up:

  • Light mini band work (band around ankles) – purpose is to stand on one leg entire time – forward, back at an angle, half-moon (big arc forward & back)

  • Squat correction – focus on staying up straight (no dip in pelvis) & working on pelvic stability. Hold for count of 5 and use a counter weight.

  • Plyometric – box jumps – working on height and force generation

  • Back squat – no barbell? Option to do goblet squat – purpose is to generate force imposed on the ground to help drive forward using weight as overload to help us do that. 5 reps (heavy weight, lower reps). You won’t gain muscle mass.

Accessory movements

  • Elevated bridge hold – works hamstrings. Have box pushed against wall so it will not move. Do double leg start and progress to single leg. The farther from box the more you work the hamstring but you cannot lock out your knees. You can move hands up to make it more challenging.

  • Single leg hip thrust – Using some sort of elevation to put shoulder blades on, move hips up and down. Start with double leg progress to single. Meant to work glutes and hamstrings not back, so back should not be arched. Keep core tight. 5 reps on each side.

  • Push-ups

  • Four-way step down routine – band kicks: 10 kicks to side, straight down (knees forward), leg behind and down, curtsy lunge. Continuous, do whole routine on one leg and then then other. Focus on keeping the hips level.

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