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Split Squats for Anti-Lungers

Hey, it’s Jennifer. This blog post is for everyone out there who hates lunges – whether it doesn’t feel good on your body or you just don’t like doing them. I have an alternative for you that is a little more palatable, but works similar things.

So lunges are great because you’ve got one leg going one direction, the other leg doing another thing. You’ve got to work on your stability, but you’re getting the benefits of a squat at the same time. But it’s not everyone’s favorite thing. So, if you don’t like lunges, try split squats!

It’s a similar motion as a lunge, but you don’t have to  get that forward and backwards translation. You’re gonna have your feet hip-width apart and get into a lunge-like position. But you’re just gonna sink straight down and then come back up just like you would a squat. So it’s kind of a lunge-squat, hybrid. Make sure you’re not leaning forward to do it, you’re just going straight down.

So give that a try as long as you’ve got some good big toe mobility for that back foot. That can be a lot more enjoyable on your body than a lunge if you have trouble with lunches. So give it a try!

To load it up, hold your weight up by your neck or down by your side, whatever you prefer. And let us know how it goes!

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