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Pre-Workout Dynamic Skipping Drills

Last week we went through the pre-warm up activation – focusing on increasing mobility and strength before any run. This week we are going to go through a routine to prime the system for some fast running. This helps from a force production standpoint, and it also helps with the coordination skill of running standpoint. So these are some of the drills that I’ll do multiple times a week, always before harder runs or speed work, in conjunction with some strides a couple of times a week as well. The focus for all these movements is to be quick, soft on the ground and efficient.

  1. High knee
    • Drive knee up quickly
  2. Butt kicks
    • Keep motion as close to underneath you as possible
    • Force is generated when our foot is on the ground – heel recovery is key
  3. A skips
    • High knee skipping motion
    • Can progress to double A skip (2 on each leg)
  4. B skips
    • Leg goes up, out and down
    • Focus on leg coming down directly under center of mass
  5. C skips
    • Can start on one leg to learn the coordination
    • Leg goes up and out
  6. Karaoke/Grapevine
    • Option to drive knee higher as it crosses over
  7. Fast leg
    • One leg cycles through quicker
    • Focus on bringing heel up quickly & underneath
  8. Mario jumps/cherry picking
    • for height
  9. Power skips
    • short, fast, powerful skips

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