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Plyometrics for Calf Rehab

In this video today is going to be for anyone that is coming back from a calf injury or an Achilles injury. And you’ve gone through the rehab process, and now you’re getting towards the end of the rehab.

Often an area that I see missed is incorporating some plyometrics into your rehab. So some jumping, is important because when we think about going back to running, running is a single leg, biometric sport. And so in order to really prepare your body and your calf to be able to absorb that load from running, it’s good not only to do a gradual walk-run progression to a run, but also incorporate some plyometrics in your training.

I’m gonna show you a few different options and where I typically start with people.
  1. So the first one I like to start with is called a stair shuffle. You can use a step or at home, I’ll use a yoga block, if I’m doing this or a stair. Anything you have that you can switch your feet on. And all it’s going to be is you’re going to tap the step back and forth. So I will work people up to doing that for 60 seconds. And then within this exercise, you also have the option to move. So you can move back and forth, or you can go around. If you have a yoga block, you could work your way around the whole yoga block. Once we can do three sets of 60 seconds and it feels really good then we can move on.
  2. I like to include some pogo jumps. So now using two feet. We’re trying to get up off the ground as fast as possible. Again, I’ll work anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds for three sets.
  3. And then after those two, the last thing I’ll progress people is typically single-leg pogo jumps. So on one leg, doing the same thing. And we’re moving quick, we’re trying to mimic that quickness of running. Within your pogo jumps you also have options. You can work your pogo jump, front and back or side to side.

So that is a progression that I will typically take people through when we’re thinking about coming back from a tap or some sort of Achilles injury. Hope you found that somewhat helpful and best of luck with your rehab.

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