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Plate Changing Trick

Hi, it’s Jennifer. Today I want to talk about a little trick to help you more easily change the plates out on a barbell on the floor.

So for example, if you’re doing deadlifts, and you’re loading a bunch of weights on there, it can get pretty heavy to change things in and out. So here’s my little trick.

What a lot of people will do to add a plate on there is to just lift the bar up and add the plate. But if you’re getting heavy, that’s a tough lift.

So what I would recommend is getting a little, itty bitty baby plate, and then slide it under the first weight on the barbell. So it has to not be under any of the others that are stacked beyond that. But once you’ve got it there, you can roll the barbell up onto that little weight. And then all of the others except for the first one, slide right off. And then if you’re putting another one on, just leave it up there. And that slides on nice and easily then too.

And then once you’ve got it set up to what you want, just roll it up that change plate and get that out of the way.

So just a little tip to avoid lifting up a super loaded up barbell, and just makes things go a little easier for you. So try it out. Hope that helps.

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