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Plank Variety Pack

Hey, it’s Jennifer! Today I want to show you some variations you can do to a front plank, to spice them up. Planks are awesome for a 360 degree core workout, but they can get boring. So just add a little variety to them and get some extra muscles involved.

You can choose what kind of plank you like to do, but I’m just going to show you in a high plank.

So you’ll get into your plank position. The first variation you can do is a nice, slow mountain climber. So that’s bringing the knee up towards the chest, and then back. This just adds a little extra challenge to the abs. You can also your knee out to the side and engage more of a side body.

So that’s the number one. If you want to get the shoulders going, you can come from your plank, push back and tap your opposite toe with your hand. So your shoulder is going to really work for stability and overhead mobility as you’re working through that.

If you want to keep going with the shoulder work, you can do a walking plank. So that’s going to be coming down onto your elbows one at a time and then pushing back up.

Or, if you want to get a little more glute or hip stability and some cardio going, you can do plank jacks. You’re gonna jump your feet wide and then back together. The plank jacks would be hard to do with a knee plank.

If a full plank is tough for you I might recommend, instead of doing the plank just put your hands up on a couple of stairs or your couch or something a little bit elevated to scale it back.

So try those at home. Let us know which ones you like which ones you don’t like and see you next time. Thanks!

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