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How to Start Jumping if you Leak

I’m going to take you through some different activities today to work on impact and jumping. This is for someone that leaks when they jump.

So it can be hard to figure out where to start. If right when you start to jump – whether it’s a jumping jacks or jumping in place – you leak immediately. We want to find a place where we don’t leak, but we feel like we might. So it’s kind of like that threshold or your ceiling. We want to continually push that ceiling up.

So where can you start if you can’t jump at all?
  1. One option is to take gravity out of it. So sometimes I’ll start with things like mountain climbers or plank jacks. So down on the ground, you can go through a slow mountain climber, and then speed it up. Or a plank jack, where you’re separating those feet out. And I’ll have people work up to like 30 seconds hard effort. We’ll do three sets of those. Then we’ll gradually start to add gravity.
  2. Another place you can start is wall running. So Often I’ll have people go lean up against a wall. We’ll just start with slow running. And then gradually increase the speed that we’re hitting the ground with. So those are two different options you can try.
  3. Another place we’ll start is with a bounce-to-hop progression. So I’ll have people literally just bounce in place until that feels comfortable, and they’re not leaking at all and you have no feelings of leaking. Once that becomes tolerable, then we’ll add in just a really little slow hop. Once you can tolerate that for 30 seconds, we’ll increase that pace to where you’re actually hopping.

So these are a few different options that you can start to work on if you are someone who cannot jump at all without leaking. We want to start to work on it. But this gives you a few different options that you can choose from to start to work on it without actually jumping.

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