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Hamstring Series: Part 3

Hey everyone, this is the last video in a little series of videos on what to do if you’re someone that is experiencing proximal hamstring tendinopathy.

So in the first video we reviewed what it is, can you keep running with it and then some basic exercises to start on. The second video went over a series of strength work. And this third video is the last step. So you have gone through that strength work. And at this point, you should be relatively pain free and feeling pretty strong.

So what is the last thing you want to do before you can get back into whatever sport that you love? You want to do sport specific movements. So it really is dependent on what sport you’re going back to. But we want to start to get into agility drills and plyometric drills. So I’m just gonna go over a few different ones that you could start with. But again, this is gonna be really dependent on what it is that you’re going back to.

A few that I like to start with are: 
  • Kettlebell swings. So using a dumbbell here for your kettlebell swings, we’re gonna think about that hinge pattern and then driving. Almost like taking that deadlift that you did, and now we’re just starting to add a little bit more movement to it.
  • Alternating lunge jumps. So here, and then alternating these jumps.
  • Any sort of agility ladder drills, you want to do, like quick feet movements. Pretty much any sort of drills you like to do, from an agility ladder standpoint can be really helpful.
  • Cutting movements. If you’re going back to a sport with cutting try lateral and rotational movements.
  • For runners, A-skips And then running if you’re getting back into faster speeds, again, starting to really ease your way back into those. Maybe put some strides in your runs or something like that.

So this is that last step that we don’t want to forget about, even though we’re at this point, feeling really good. It’s very important to train those sports-specific movements before you jump 100% back into full activity.

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