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Hamstring Series: Part 2

Hey everyone, this video is the second video in a series of videos on proximal hamstring tendinopathy.

So in the first video, we talked about what it is and a place to start. If you were having a lot of pain, what are some beginning exercises that you can start with to help. The second video is going to be a progression of exercises.

So if at this point your pain has decreased, we want to think about starting to really load that tendon and that muscle. And we want to think about doing heavy, slow resistance exercise. That is going to be the most beneficial for your tendons to not only decrease that pain, but start to increase that strength, that tendon stiffness and start to allow you to get back into the activity you want to do. The first series of exercises is going to be down on the ground.

On the ground:

So you can do a prone leg curl. You’re going to do it on your hands and knees. Your leg is extended, and what you’re gonna do is just curl by bringing that heel towards your butt. And then then extend it back out. You could do this with a band around your ankle, with it anchored to something. And you’re pulling that band in, and then extending it back out. So that’s an option.

Another option is going to be to do a curl with a physio ball. So on the ball, you’re gonna lift up, and then really curl that ball in, thinking slow and controlled. And then extending it back out. You could also do that with a single leg. So lifting a leg up and doing that same curl.

The third exercise on the ground is your single leg bridge. But adding some weight to your single leg bridge. So weighting through that leg that’s doing the work. And then just lifting and lowering.

So those are three exercises that you can start to do to progress from some of that basic isometric work we did in the first video. If you do those for a few weeks and you’re feeling good and starting to feel stronger, then you can progress to some movements up on your feet.

On your feet:

So a walking lunge can be a good place to start. You could do this bodyweight or you can add weight. Again, slow and controlled, walking that lunge.

Next is a deadlift. So, ou have a soft bend in your knees, hinging those hips, and then coming down. Feel that length through your hamstring, and then stand back up. Again, we’re thinking of going heavy, and we’re going slow. You can also progress your deadlift from two legs, by going to one leg.

And then finally, you could do a hip thrust as well. You can be on a chair, couch, bench, whatever you have. From there, you’re going to lift one leg. You’re going to lift up and lower back down.

So those are some ideas of where to go from the beginner strength work that we did in the first video, and how to progress yourself to start to load and overload that hamstring.

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