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Band Placement for Monster Walks

Hi there, it’s Jennifer with Peak Endurance. And today I wanted to show you how to get the most out of one band when you’re doing monster walks.

What are Monster Walks?

So monster walks are banded, sidestepping to strengthen the outer hips. There’s lots of different variations. We assign them a lot here at Peak Endurance. But you can change the difficulty level just by changing where the band is.


So if you’ve just got one band, the easiest place to have the band is just above the knees. And keep in tension on the band the whole time.


Next most difficult place is going to be down by the ankles. So that’s going to feel slightly tougher.


And then if you want to get it basically as tough as it gets, put the band around the balls of your feet. So it can’t be up by your heel, it’s got to be where your toe cracks start. And then that’s going to be the most challenging place to put that band for your monster walks.

So if you don’t have a bunch of different resistances for bands, this can be a great way to get the most out of just one band and keep challenging yourself as you move that band down.

The reason that works is we’re working the hip joint. The further away you are from the muscle you’re working, or the longer lever you have, the harder it’s going to be. So up at the knees is obviously closer to your hip than at your feet. So that’s why it works. Give it a try. And maybe you can level up your monster walks at home just by shifting that band down. 

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