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Welcome to Our Mission

Welcome to Peak Endurance! I figured my first blog post would be more of an introduction to myself and the business. I’m Dr. Spencer Agnew, but you can call me Spencer. I’m a physical therapist and running coach focused on helping you achieve your goals. I’m going to try and keep this blog pretty informal, while also being educational.

One of my good friends and fellow physical therapist, Ryan Smith, always told me to start writing and that blogging is a great way to get your thoughts across to your viewers. I was always a little nervous to start blogging and using social media, because I always thought to myself, “what are people going to think?”, ” will they like my ideas?”, “will they judge me?”. For years this held me back from sharing the opinions and knowledge that I have in the running, physical therapy, and health & wellness realms.

As I’ve grown throughout the years and gained confidence in my knowledge I’ve also done a lot of personal growth and significant work on my emotional intelligence. This has lead me to one of my mantras of, “to be successful you need to be comfortable being uncomfortable”. This has helped to shape my present self by allowing me to continue to grow personal relationships, as well as make many new one.

When I was competing in high school and college in track/cross country I was at times considered a “head case”. I would go through this roller coaster of confidence and my performances would reflect this. I knew something had to change. Not only for my running, but for my education, career, and relationships. I began to put in extra time to work on my emotional intelligence and personal growth. I began to seek out uncomfortable situations, such as talking to new people and speaking in front of a group, because I knew it was something that I needed to do. I began to re-frame my thoughts on change.

As I became more involved in my education and career as a physical therapist I became more interested and passionate about change, but this time the change wasn’t as much my personal change. This time it was societal change. We have a great healthcare system to manage people who are already sick, but what about preventing this upstream? What if we could help change the way people viewed healthcare and viewed their own health & wellness? I bought into the idea of the Five Pillars of Health. Move, re-fuel, recover, endure, and connect. If we can help foster positive growth in these five realms then maybe we can help push our community forward to a fitness focused mindset on preventing chronic disease and living our best life.

This change is not going to be comfortable. It is going to require significant ownership, determination, passion, and a little bit of blind trust. I start to get chills thinking about the uncomfortable nature of this change because I know that this is what NEEDS to happen.

My challenge for you is to take on this mantra with one encounter this next week. Realize that the uncomfortable nature of life is what will drive us forward. Be confident in yourself and be comfortable knowing that some uncomfortable circumstances lie ahead. Be an advocate for yourself and those around you.

Again, welcome to Peak Endurance and I hope you will join us to help build a community of change. We want to help you achieve your goals, so that you can help change people around you. Things are always easier when you have someone by your side fighting the same battle.