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Technique for Lifting Kids Without Leaking!

I’m gonna go over a really simple technique that you can use at home, if you are struggling with lifting your kids up and leaking.

So often, the first thing you can do is just check-in with yourself and see if, when you lift your kids, you are holding your breath. That’s often our go-to, to hold our breath, because that helps create more stability, it helps us lift our kids up. But when we hold our breath, it can put more pressure down on our pelvic floor, and it can cause us to leak.

And so what we want to do is first check-in, see what you’re doing. And if you are breath holding, you can use this technique.

It’s called blow before you go. We’re going to take a breath in, then we’re going to start our exhale, and then we’re going to lift our kid up. So I have a weight just to practice with. I’m going to inhale, I’m going to start my exhale. And then I’m going to lift.

So whether you’re lifting your kid up to hold them or maybe put them in the car seat or the crib, this is something you can try to incorporate. It’s nice to practice it first with a weight and then practice it when you are lifting your kids. And obviously you won’t be able to do it every single time throughout the day. But the more and more you do it, the more natural of a technique it’ll become versus holding your breath.

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