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Return to Running Postpartum

Hey everyone, one of the most common questions I get from people after they’ve had a baby is “am I really ready to start running again?”. So I wanted to give you guys some insight on the things that I look at to see if you are.

I use three different types of criteria: time, subjective, and objective.

For time, I typically wait until you’re at least three months postpartum. This allows for tissue healing of your abdominals and your pelvic floor and it also allows them to start to regain strength.

For the subjective portion I would ask you if you are having any symptoms like leaking. Any feelings of heaviness, or dragging of your pelvic floor. Are you having any ongoing or increased blood loss that’s not related to your menstrual cycle? Or are you having any pelvic or lower back pain?

Last thing I look at our objective criteria, so are you able to walk for at least 30 minutes without any pain or any symptoms?

Are you able to stand on one leg for 10 seconds?

Are you able to complete at least 10 single leg squats with really good form? Are you able to complete some single like hacking, and then if I had the chance to see you in person, I would look at your core and your lower extremity strength.

Hope you found this helpful, and HAPPY RUNNING!

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