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Pre-Run Activation Drills to Keep You Running Your Best!

These drills are meant to be done first; the things that you’d do before you get out for a run. So you would get dressed, get outside, and then go through these movements just to activate the body and get it prepared for the activity that you’re going to go do. This is not the perfect routine, but this is the routine that I generally do. It’s something that you can do consistently and targets multiple areas of the body.

  1. Walking knee hug
    • Take three steps between each knee hug, alternating legs
    • Go for about 20 feet or so
  2. Walking Frankenstein
    • Opposite hand to opposite leg
    • Don’t need to kick as far as you can – keep it comfortable and natural
    • Three steps between each kick, alternating legs
    • Go for another 20 feet or so
  3. Hip opener
    • Bring leg up, out, and around, then in reverse
    • Three steps between, alternating legs
    • If unable to balance for forward and reverse – walk forward/do forward opener for 20 feet, then turn around and do reverse motion for 20 feet.
  4. Single-leg RDL
    • High knee position to start and end each rep
    • 3 steps between, alternating legs
    • Not bending forward/reaching for the ground
    • Keep spine as flat/straight as you can
  5. Lunge walk
    • High knee into forward lunge
    • Can add twist at the deepest part of lunge
    • Can do them in place
  6. Heel/toe walking
    • Walking on toes: 8-10 steps toes forward, then toes in, then toes out
    • Heel walking: forward, in, out (same as toes)

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