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Posture Training Tip

Hey, it’s Jennifer. Today I want to share a quick tip about posture and an easy way to fit in some postural work into your everyday life.

One of my favorite times to work on my posture is when I’m driving. I really like having a surface behind me to give me feedback for where my body is. We all tend to round our shoulders and be slumped forward with our neck forward a little bit. But if you try to fix that, it can be hard to figure out where you are supposed to be. You might be thinking, “Am I pulling my shoulders way back?” That’s a little extreme. We just want to be nice and straight stacked bone over bone.

The seat of a car is a really nice place to get that feedback. Your arms are in front of you, which I think makes it more tempting to round your shoulders. It’s a good opportunity to think about your shoulders sitting nice and low and your neck elongating up towards the ceiling. Then, try to feel the back of the seat against your head and against your back. 

You might look like a weirdo driving around like this, but it’s a nice way to make driving a productive time for you. And it can make things a little more comfortable if you’re on a long road trip. It also reinforces that position which can help you find it more easily when you’re doing  things in free space. And, it can help you to figure out what “stacked” feels like.

That’s just my little tip. Try it next time you’re in the car and let us know what you think.

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