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Postpartum Exercise Tips

Hey, everyone, this video is going to be for anyone that is early postpartum. Or maybe you are currently pregnant and you’re wondering what are some things I need to keep in mind when I’m going back into exercise postpartum?

So I often get questions when people are early postpartum about some tips I might have. I think the biggest thing is just listen to your body. So during this time period your body is under a lot of stress. You are healing from the birth. If you are breastfeeding, that takes a lot out of your body. You are not sleeping as well, and you have a whole new human being to take care of. When you’re postpartum, that is not the time to really be trying to press back into your workouts. You really want to listen to your body.

When should you start?

There is no magic time period. You don’t necessarily have to wait to that six week checkup. 12 weeks is sometimes a number that gets thrown around. You don’t have to wait 12 weeks. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna go back into full workouts. For example, if you’re a CrossFitter, you’re not going to be loading up the bar. If you’re a runner, you’re not going to just go right back into running five miles. But you can start with some basic exercise.

How should you start exercising again?

There is no one best exercise postpartum. You want to look at what you enjoy doing. And then you want to start to break that movement down and just start slow. You want to increase your movement gradually. So again, using running as an example. You don’t just want to go back into running three, four or five miles straight. You want to really start slow. And so that includes walking. So if you are a runner, you’re just going to start with walking. And then maybe you’re including some gradual uphill walking and then slowly starting to do some sort of run-walk intervals.

Some signs that you are doing too much

If during the exercise or after you’re experiencing any vaginal heaviness, or that dragging sensation. If you experience any leaking. Or if you’re having any pain. Those are all signs that what you’re doing is too much. And we just need to pull it back. It doesn’t mean you need to totally stop moving, but it’s a sign that you need to pull it back a little bit.

You want to include strength. So especially hip and core strengthening. We know that these areas are weak postpartum. So we want to include some strength work for those.

And then generally make sure you’re eating enough and drinking enough. Again, like I said at the beginning, this is not a time to really rush back into exercise. It’s much different than coming back from like a surgery or something like that. Or if you’ve had a running injury and you’ve been off for a bit and you’re getting back into running. This is different. Your body is healing. You need to make sure you’re focused on eating enough, drinking enough and resting when you can. And then gradually moving that movement back in.

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