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Meet Dr. Taylor

We are excited to welcome Dr. Taylor DeMars to the Peak Endurance family!

Here is a quick introductory video with a little bit of her background. If you’re a Madison area athlete looking to get back on track to your movement goals, especially a female athlete, Dr. Taylor is here to help. She specializes in working with female athletes, runners, and women’s health including during and post pregnancy.

Hi, everyone, my name is Taylor. I am new to Peak Endurance. So, I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of background on who I am. I grew up in a very small town in northern Wisconsin, Lady Smith and then I moved to LaCrosse, where I did my undergraduate work and played basketball while I was there. That’s where I met my husband, Matt. I moved to Minneapolis for a few years after that, where I did grad school. Once I graduated, I moved to the Madison area and have been here ever since. I have two little ones at home, Eli, he is three years old and Dylan who will be turning one in a few weeks. So, they keep us really busy! As a family, we love to do anything active including hiking, biking, anything outside, we also love to travel. Personally, I love to run, do yoga, basically anything that keeps me moving. We also have a dog, his name is Hooper, and he loves to keep us busy too, and we love to take him for runs. I’m really excited to be a part of the Peak Endurance family. I enjoy working with athletes of all ages, all different types of activities, whatever it is that you love, I want to keep you doing that. I’m also really passionate about working with female athletes, particular postpartum athletes. Those going back to running, biking, whatever it is that they love after giving birth. Personally after going through the process, and realizing that there’s just not a lot of information out there, how to get back into activity after giving birth. It’s an area that I became more passionate about, and I really want to be a resource for those new moms out there that needs some guidance on returning to their activities effectively and safely. So I’m really excited to be here and I hope to keep you guys doing what you love and keep you moving

If you’re interested in getting to know Dr. Taylor more, follow along with us at our instagram and facebook pages (@peakendurancept), or if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with her you can text/call us at (608)-218-4215 or schedule online here.