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Leaking Bladder

Taylor DeMars, PT, DPT​
Physical Therapist

Are You Having Bladder Control Problems Near to Madison, WI?

Message from Peak Endurance Physical Therapy Owner and Founder, Dr. Spencer Agnew

10% of men will feel pelvic pain at some time in their lives, according to estimates. Much of this discomfort was originally attributed to prostate problems, although in the absence of infection, neuromuscular dysfunction accounts for 95% of it. Prostatitis is a term used to describe male pelvic pain that may or may not be related with infection. Antibiotics are frequently recommended when an infection is present. If there is no infection but discomfort persists, pelvic floor physical therapy may be beneficial. Many men will experience a weak stream or incontinence as a result of prostatitis or after prostate resection.

Peak Endurance Physical Therapy can assist you in determining the source of the problem and developing a customized home program to treat each issue. Treatment options include:

Don't wait any longer. Peak Endurance Physical Therapy can assist you.

  • Tired of urine leaking (incontinence) while jogging, leaping, or even going about your everyday business?
  • Are you concerned about postpartum back, hip, or pelvic pain that won’t go away?
  • Feeling self-conscious, frustrated, or disappointed following the birth of your child, believing you’ll never be able to regain control of your body?
  • Do you find sex painful or uncomfortable?
  • Having difficulty keeping up with your children and feeling as if you’re losing out on life?
  • Lacking in confidence because you know your core isn’t working properly, you have a Diastasis Recti, or you still look pregnant despite the fact that you aren’t?
  • Frustrated that other tactics haven’t worked (even if they were from another PT) or unsure what to try?
  • Are you looking for a long-term, natural remedy that will permanently eliminate these issues (without pills or surgery)?
You’ve come to the right place if you responded “Yes” to any of these questions!
In Peak Endurance Physical Therapy, many postpartum women suffer unnecessarily because they are told…
  • Your doctor advises you to “do nothing but rest for 6 weeks before returning to normal exercise.” Weeks, months, and even years pass, and you’re still battling.
  • “Just do some YouTube workout videos and you’ll be back in shape in no time,” yet those activities cause discomfort and leaking, and you feel terrible and disheartened afterwards.
  • It’s “natural” to experience pain or abdominal separation after giving birth, and “everyone leaks” or struggles with bladder control as they become older.
  • Everything will be OK if you take some pain relievers.
  • The only options are medicine, surgery, or “simply coping with it.”
The Reality Is...
  • Resting it makes no difference. You may receive some short respite, but when you return to work, you will still be suffering from pelvic discomfort, leaking, and other postpartum symptoms (I’m sure you’ve already experienced this!).
  • While it is fairly frequent, having prolonged pain or urine leaks after pregnancy is NOT NORMAL… or even as you get older.
  • Pain relievers are addictive, hazardous, and can cause a variety of other health issues.
  • Medicine, surgery, and injections are not the only options available. They are the only options available to you from your doctor.

It can be very confusing to decide exactly what you should do if you have pain with climbing . You’ve likely heard a lot of options such as…

Peak Endurance Physical Therapy Assists Active Adults and Athletes in Returning to Their Favorite Workouts and Sports Without Requiring Surgery, Stopping Activities They Enjoy, or Relying on Pain Medication. When It Comes to Resolving Postpartum Pain and Leakage Issues and Ensuring Full Postpartum Recovery…

You must select the best healthcare provider for your needs. If you don’t, you risk having surgery (which could have been avoided), becoming dependent on drugs or painkillers… or living the rest of your life with increasingly deteriorating symptoms.

Getting the “least-invasive,” most natural treatment is VITAL to eliminating your leaks, abdominal separation issues, pelvic floor problems, or postpartum hip/back/pelvic discomfort and preventing it from returning in the future.

Working with a provider that understands how the body operates as a whole is critical to your recovery. During pregnancy and the postpartum period, our bodies go through remarkable changes. To fully recover, we must address changes in the neck/back/diaphragm/core/pelvic floor/pelvis, posture, strength, and how we use our bodies. It’s a lot more than just Kegels!

To ensure a complete recovery, we must not only treat the symptoms. You must work with a professional who is willing to investigate the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms and dysfunction. That is when you will receive a PERMANENT answer to your postpartum issues.

Peak Endurance Physical Therapy Has Developed a 3-Step Process to Eliminate Your Postpartum Symptoms and Ensure You Never Have to Deal With Them Again.


The way we handle medical care is frustrating. You wait for weeks or even months to get an appointment, and then when you do, you only get 10 minutes to talk to the doctors before they have to rush off to the next patient, leaving you sitting there thinking, “What just happened?”

Actually, this is how the vast majority of PT centers function as well. They aren’t individualized, the therapist doesn’t have time to get to know you or your priorities, and you don’t make much progress toward your goals. That’s why our methods are so dissimilar!

That’s why we’ll start by hearing you out.

After helping a large number of mothers through their postpartum struggles, we’ve learned that no two women’s experiences are the same. A person’s pain and symptoms will vary depending on their unique physique, their personal history, and the environment in which they are experiencing them.

That’s why the first thing we’re going to do is sit down and have a candid discussion with you so you can share your background. By doing so, we can learn not only about the physical symptoms you’re experiencing, but also the broader effects they’re having on your life.


Often, people know the exact medical phrase for what’s wrong with their body since they’ve been diagnosed. The patient may have gotten it from their doctor, the results of a diagnostic test may have led you to this conclusion, or you may have discovered this information online.

Possible diagnoses include prolapse, diastasis recti, incontinence, pain in the sacroiliac (SI) joints, the hips, the pelvis, or both.

It’s possible that you were given no other options than to sleep it off, take some medicine, or wait it out.

While these measures may alleviate symptoms in the short term, they rarely get to the root of the problem.

Injuries and illnesses can have a wide variety of origins. No two people ever have the same issue due to the same factor.

At Peak Endurance Physical Therapy,, we want to get to the bottom of what’s ailing you so that you don’t just feel better—your symptoms disappear for good.

In case you’re still on the fence about whether or not Integrative Physical Therapy is for you, we totally get it. Therefore, we made available a complimentary Discovery Visit. (Yes! That implies WE’LL BE PAYING FOR THE FIRST SESSION!

People who are hesitant, unsure, or have been let down in the past are the ideal guests for our Discovery Visits. Learn what’s wrong, how long it will take to correct, and rest easy knowing that your issue can be resolved with natural means at the Discovery Visit!


In this moment, profound changes take place. We tailor a strategy to your needs so that you can…

…Without worrying about recurrence of pain, stiffness, or incontinence, you can resume your exercise routine (including running and leaping) with renewed vigor.

…Have no trouble playing with, picking up, or transporting your children.

…Go back in the bedroom without worrying about hurting your partner.

…Start doing the things you enjoy again (yoga, running, tennis, etc.).

…Healing from Diastasis Recti/Abdominal Separation and regaining full core strength can help you regain your strength, confidence, and even your sex appeal.

Highly motivated clients who are serious about making a change are our top priority. They can get out of it (even if it feels hopeless right now!)

Interested in learning more about our services and rates before committing to a visit?

Do not let solvable issues force you to give up the things you enjoy doing and the way of life you have built with your family.


Taylor DeMars, PT, DPT​

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82+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Kathryn B

After I injured a finger tendon while climbing, Jennifer helped me get back to pain-free climbing and weight lifting over the course of a few sessions. Jennifer was great to work with – she adapted our sessions to my goals and gave me some great advice for finger strength programs. And she even helped me improve my squats at the same time!

- Lance H

Dr. Agnew was able to address my root issues of planter fasciitis. I saw three PT’s before researching Peak Endurance. Dr. Agnew developed a unique treatment plan for me and made weekly modifications based on my progress and treatment goals. Because of his individualized approach I was able to get back to training and actually PR a half Ironman. I would recommend anyone at the Peak Endurance Team.

- Anna A

Dr. Taylor DeMars at Peak Endurance is well deserving of these five stars. She approached my issues with care and concern. She listened to my issues while gracefully and intelligently facilitating my recovery. Her concentrations in running, yoga, and pelvic floor issues were perfect for me. I will continue to recommend her to my friends and family and will not hesitate to see her again should any similar issues arise.