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Heel Pain: Plantar Fasciitis or Something Else?

Hey, it’s Jennifer. Today I want to talk about heel pain because I find that a lot of times if you have heel pain, it gets labeled as plantar fasciitis, and sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. I want to talk about a couple indicators that it might actually be plantar fasciitis versus something else.

There are two main things to think about:

  1.  Is the pain the absolute worst, taking the first couple steps out of bed in the morning? If your pain is at its worst, when you wake up and you transfer your weight onto your feet and start walking out of bed, that’s a good indicator that it is actually a plantar fasciitis.
  2. The second indicator is if you’re tender on the bottom of your heel kind of at the top, right where your arch joins your heel – if you push on that, and that’s really tender – that’s another kind of “pro” in the plantar fasciitis bucket versus something else.

There’s lots of other things that can be going on in your body to cause heel pain. There’s a lot of nerves that run down your leg and branch at your foot and can get hung up so those can cause heel pain. There’s muscles, tendons, ligaments and things with gait that we can alter. If you have heel pain, whether it’s plantar fasciitis or something else, come on in and we’ll take a look and get you going on the right track. 


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