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Fatigue-Resistance Legs (FRL)

Here is another accessory routine; you don’t have to have any equipment for this (all bodyweight), all you need is to have some space to do some squats. This is really nice to throw on at the end of the workout, long run or anything like that to help accumulate more fatigue and a little bit more load when you don’t have time for the gym or access to a gym. It’s pretty quick – we’re going to start with just 20 seconds for each movement & halfway through the movement we will add in accessory movements. Everything is continuous.

  1. Bodyweight squat progression (low, lower, lowest)

    • Hands on the outside of knees gently pushing in

    • Squats are done in three stages (progressively deepening the squat, so don’t start out too low on the first stage)

    • Hold the squat for half (for example: if doing 20” per squat, hold for 10” then do ~3” of each of the three movements)

      • side-to-side

      • circle left

      • circle right

  2. Bodyweight squats for 20”

  3. Squat-and-sway: squat is deeper, stance is wider and arms dangle between legs. Same time/movement progression as above (hold of half, movements for half)

  4. Bodyweight squats for 20”

  5. Sumo squat – deepest squat, hands together like you’re praying, elbows push knees out. Same time/movement progression as previous two.

  6. Three-way calf raises: 20” toes forward, 20” toes in, 20” toes out – continuous the whole time.

As you progress, you can add 5 seconds every few weeks & when you get up to 30-45 seconds you can also add in figure eight motion in addition to the circles & sideways movements.

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