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Can I Lift During Pregnancy?

a pregnant woman holding her belly with the words can i lift during pregnancy?.

Can I lift during pregnancy? 

Do a quick google search or ask a friend if you can keep your lifting routine through pregnancy and you will likely hear the following.. 

—> don’t lift over 20 pounds 

—> don’t exercise on your back, ever! 

—> don’t valsalva 

—> don’t lift heavy or you will get diastasis recti 

All of these recommendations are based on theoretical constructs.. i.e. we actually have no evidence to support any of these claims. We are slowly starting to get new research that gives us better guidance. 

A new study just published (link below) found the following when it looked at nearly 700 women who continued to lift heavy throughout their pregnancy. 

—> all women had typical perinatal outcomes and pelvic floor health outcomes! 

Much more research is needed in this area, but it’s exciting that we are finally getting evidence to help guide women to continue to move their bodies.   

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