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Barbell Pressing Mechanics

Hi guys, it’s Erienne with Peak Endurance. I want to talk to you guys about some movement mechanics when we do overhead barbell pressing.

So when I say overhead  barbell pressing, that could either mean a strict press, a push press, a push jerk, or a split jerk.

  1. Number one is bar path. So If you look me from the side, I don’t want that bar path going out and around me. The further that bar gets away from midline, the more strain it is on my shoulders and my back. So I am going to try to press that bar straight up through my chin. But I’m going to get my chin out of the way. I’ll press straight up, and then as soon as the bar passes through, I’m going to push my head straight through. Same thing on the way down: get my head out of the way, straight up, then straight down.
  2. The second thing I like to think about is my overhead position. When I’m locked on an overhead position, I want that bar to be right over my center of mass not out in front of me. When I’m overhead, I want to be nice and tight in my core and not over extended. I like to think of the cue tuck my ribcage down. That will help take that increased strain off that mid and low back. 

Give it a try!

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